Blog: Live, Care, Give

Live-Live the best life you can, regardless of you current circumstance. Live authentically, with direction, joy, and purpose.
Care-In order to heal and live the best life, you must care for yourself and care for others. But simply caring is not enough.
Give-There must be action behind who you are and who and what you care about. That's where giving comes in. Give back from your poverty and from your wealth. Give with your time, your money, your knowledge. Simply give back in any way you can.

Hailey Ray obtained her Master's Degree in Counseling in 2009 and then trained with notable area doctors in her field to become fully Licensed in the state of Texas. She is also Nationally Certified. She has testified in court multiple times as an expert in her field. She enjoys volunteering to help those in her community and abroad. Hailey holds a strong Christian worldview and this is seen in her blog posts.
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