Family Matters-Group Therapy

For Adult family members of those struggling with mental illness
You're the backbone of your family. The one that seems to be strong, but really, you're having a hard time because a family member has a mental health condition and you need confidential support. 

Consider joining our evening support group for adult family members. Learn about your loved ones symptoms, about their medication. Learn about ways they can cope and ways you can have a better relationship with them without enabling them.

Gain support from others who are struggling through this too. 1 in 5 people have a mental health condition in their lifetime, if you are trying to help a family member there is support right here.
With your loved one struggling, know these things in your heart:

There is help...
There is hope...
It is good to know that you are not alone...

Please contact Hailey to find out more about the Family Matters Group.
Cost- $30 per session, which will need to be prepaid in 4 session increments.

Members must pre-qualify with Hailey who will try to assure that the members have complementary roles in supporting one another.



This is your group. Others who have simular experiences can provide ideas that you might not have thought of. Learn from other's challenges and victories.
Hailey will have a curriculum of topics available for discussion. We will discuss things like medication, alternatives to medication, boundaries, family roles, finances, and substance abuse prevention, advocacy and self care.